Driver Friendly DOT Physical Exams
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DOT Exams in Oxon Hill MD

Chiropractor Oxon Hill MD Andrew Choi

Top 10 Reasons To Choose
Lake Forest Clinic: Andrew Choi, DC

  1. COST. Affordable, all-inclusive and fair, ethical DOT/ CDL Physical Exam.
  2. TIME. With an appointment, we see you on time, because we respect YOUR time (NOTE: Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcome).
  3. CERTIFICATION. Our doctor is DOT Certified and Validated on FMCSA Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.
  4. QUICK. 30-minute Exam (NOTE: time is dependent on driver’s health)
  5. PAPERWORK. We have all the necessary DOT forms.
  6. REMINDERS. Free Text/Postcard/Phone Call reminders. Never forget to renew your exam again! 
  7. FAX. We will fax your exam for free to your employer (if you want).
  8. PARTNERS. OOIDA partner & TeamCME Provider
  9. CALL! Just call us if you are unsure about your medical issues, the doctor will help you out!
DOT/CDL Physical Exams for Commercial Truck Drivers
(CDL Physical Exam)
DOT Drug Testing
School Bus Driver Physicals
Medical Cards Exam (Non-CDL)
Non-DOT Drug Test
Quick Drug Test
DOT Random Drug Testing Programs (for Companies)
Pre-employment screens (for Companies)

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