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Get your CDL medical physical exam in Oxon Hill or Gaithersburg in 30 minutes in 3 EASY STEPS. Just bring a smiling face, a way to pay, and a need to pee.


STEP 1. Fill out the NEW DOT exam form

STEP 2. Complete your DOT physical exam with doctor Andrew Choi, D.C. who is a medical certified examiner for FMCSA*.

  • Review of brief medical history
  • Height, weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, range of motion, heart, lungs, eyes, ears
  • Discuss special medical conditions
  • Urinalysis for basic urinalysis test

STEP 3. We complete your paperwork. Photo ID required.

  • You will receive the original DOT medical form. We will be happy to fax/e-mail a copy to your company.
  • You will receive a laminated medical card for your wallet.
  • We will keep a scanned copy of your DOT physical form on file at our office. (Just in case you misplace it)
  • We will schedule your reminder notification via e-mail or text so you do not miss your next exam.

What is a DOT Physical?

That is a good question. Unfortunately, the answer you receive will most likely vary with who you ask. I will shed some light on the question I get most often, “What is a DOT Physical?”

New Federal mandates have changed the way DOT physicals are performed in most offices. The good news is drivers have been very receptive to the increase in service they receive. For years physicians have been charging for their signature on a medical certificate for everyone who breathes and has a heartbeat. This practice is unethical and the US DOT has ensured that they are committed to ending this dangerous practice.

When doing a DOT Physical, the DOT Medical Examiner has two categories of conditions for which he is looking at. Those two categories are referred to as “discretionary” and “non-discretionary”.

Non-Discretionary Standards

There are four “non-discretionary” standards. These are the standards which every single driver must meet to pass the federal minimum standards for fitness for duty. They are as follows:

  1. Vision
  2. Hearing
  3. No seizures
  4. Must not take insulin for diabetes (although this does not apply to all intrastate drivers, depending on the state)

Discretionary Standards

Outside of the “non-discretionary” standards, there are several “discretionary” standards. The following are minimum DOT Physical guidelines which are to be applied to the “discretionary” standards. If the DOT Physical medical card examiner is not doing ALL of the following, drivers may be subject to losing their Commercial Driver’s License.

  1. Blood pressure and heart rate are checked.
  2. Vision and hearing tests must be administered.
  3. A urine specimen must be collected. The urine specimen is collected to check for glucose, protein, blood and specific gravity (concentration). These are indicators of how well your organs are functioning and may indicate diabetes, renal pathologies or other visceral disorders.

When properly performed using all DOT Advisory Criteria, the DOT physical exam generally takes on an average of 20-45 minutes.

What do we examine for your physical?

Physical Examination: Medical Examiner Responsibilities. Regulations – The Medical Examiner must perform the described physical examination. When done properly this exam often takes approximately 20-45 minutes.

Urinalysis The mandatory urinalysis screens for protein, blood and sugar in the urine. This is not a drug test!

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