DOT Physical Exams at Lake Forest Clinics

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Dr. Choi is a National Registry Certified Medical Examiner.

  • Our office is the best place to get your DOT physical because our exam fee is affordable.
  • You can in and out of our clinic in less than 30 minutes by our well trained staff, comparing it with 3-5 hours of sitting in the waiting room of Concentra or other Walk-in clinics nearby.
  • Our Oxon Hill clinic located right at the exit of Highway I-495 beltway, close to MGM National Harbor and our Gaithersburg office is also right at the exit of I-270 close to Costco.
  • Our Lake Forest Clinic Offices in Oxon Hill or Gaithersburg are clean and staffs are polite. You can imagine yourself sit in the walk in clinics where sick patients are all over in the room with you. We don't treat sick patients but we treat patients with back and neck pain and injured.

Prior to the Examination:
Drivers, remember that your health on the day of the exam determines your eligibility to receive your certificate. Therefore, it will be a good idea to refrain from smoking or taking caffeine as these activities may increase your blood pressure. In addition, if you are on medication for blood pressure, take them in a timely manner prior to your exam.

As long as you are in control of your blood pressure under 140/90, taking medicine for high blood pressure is not a problem to be certified upto one year. Please don't ask or argue with us to get 2 years of certification if you are taking medicine to control your blood pressure or Diabetes. It is not negotiable.

During the exam you will be given a plastic cup and asked to provide us a urine sample. Please be ready to go restroom. Don't empty your bladder before coming to our office. This sample will only be used to test for glucose, protein, blood, and specific gravity for any signs of disease or health issues. This is not a Drug test, which is not included in DOT physical exam.


Information for Drivers

Here’s what you can expect during your DOT Physical:

  • We will check your height, weight, blood pressure, vision and hearing. Too short or too long is not a problem but high blood pressure or lost of vision or hearing may be. You may need additional exemption or waive from other authority to drive commercial vehicles.
  • Doctor will conduct a thorough physical examination to determine your physical ability to drive. If you are on a crutch, forget about it. Save your money and time.
  • You will be asked to give us a urine specimen for your protein, glucose and blood in your urine and specific gravity. It's not for the Drug test.

If you are on medication for a chronic disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease, or you have a new diagnosis, such as sleep apnea, you may need to bring a note from your regular family doctor stating that your condition is stable, that you are being evaluated on a regular basis, and that you are considered medically capable of driving a commercial vehicle. This is very important step. You can save your return trip or unnecessary delaying your certification if you prepare these steps well before showing to our office.

Things to Remember

  • If you wear eyeglasses, hearing aids, please bring them with you. I will not pass you unless you have them with you.
  • You will need to bring a note from your doctor, if you take medication for a chronic disease. The note will clearly mention that you are safe to drive commercial motor vehicle. Please bring the names of your medicines, or the bottles, with you to the examination.

When you finish your examination with us, you will receive your new medical certification immediately along with copies of your physical exam forms.

Just remember that you pays for examination time, not for passing the test! There will be no refund for disqualified drivers. The most common disqualifying reasons are Diabetes with Insulin and extremely high blood pressure.

Diabetes Mellitus - Drivers with diabetes mellitus are eligible for certification, unless the driver also has a disqualifying complication, comorbidity, or fails to meet one or more of the other standards for qualification. Drivers with diabetes must have annual physical examinations. Please bring copies of your medical/health records from your endocrinologist or your primary care physician with you. Your A1C number is very important for your certification. Please always take a note of it when your doctor took your Diabetes blood test.

High Blood Pressure - If a driver has hypertension and/or is being medicated for hypertension, he or she may need to be recertified more frequently.

  • An individual diagnosed with Stage 1 hypertension (BP is 140/90- 159-99) may be certified for one year. At recertification, an individual with a BP equal to or less than 140-90 may be certified for one year; however, if his or her BP is greater than 140/90 but less than 160/100, a one-time certification for 3 months can be issued.
  • An individual diagnosed with Stage 2 (BP is 160/100 - 179/109) would be given a one time 3-month certification, but should be treated. Once the driver has reduced his or her BP to equal to or be less than 140/90, he or she may be recertified annually thereafter.

An individual diagnosed with Stage 3 hypertension (BP equal to or greater than 180/110) should not be certified until his or her BP is reduced to 140/90 or less, and may be recertified every 6 months. Please do not waste your time and money and also my time to come for the test if you are in stage 3. You will be disqualified and your fee is not refundable.

Please note that if you have diagnosed as Hypertension by your doctor and take a medicine to control you will be certified up to only one year when your blood pressure is less than 140/90. It means that you will never certified to two years and possibly disqualified if your blood pressure is over 140/90.

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