Dry Needling

Dry Needling in Gaithersburg MD

Acupuncture theory is based on the Meridian System, which is a map of energy flow (chi). It states that our body has points that represent critical energy flow. Chinese Acupuncture was more like a religion that one must believe; although you cannot see the energy with your eyes, it is present because the bible says so. Or, you know there is a wind not because you see but because you feel?

When I first heard about Dry Needling, Chinese Acupuncture finally began to make sense to me. Some acupuncture points coincide with peripheral nerve points in the human anatomy, even though the Chinese never intended for it to work that way. I understand where the peripheral nerves are. Some trigger points are the crucial points where the needle is inserted to decrease pain.

I was certified in Dry Needling through a Dry Needling course taught by Dr. Yuntao Ma, the inventor of dry needling technique. I personally think that chiropractors are the best dry needling practitioners since we have the best palpation skills to detect the abnormal and normal body texture.

Dry Needling in Oxon Hill and Gaithersburg is a state of the art modality in physical therapy community. It use acupuncture needles only because is so fine that most of the time, you will not feel the needle as it is inserted into your skin. There is no other effect or advantage in the acupuncture needle itself.

How does it work? Simply it activates our own body's survival mechanism to self healing when we give them microdamages to the tissues. Problematic area receives needle and sends signal to brain and brain send the injured area biochemical substances to fix it. It also can reach the deep tissues where doctor's hand cannot reach. There is a time and area where dry needling is better option. It is not the best at all.

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